"Bhonko" is an open source consumer complaint platform in India, which enables consumers to easily report and file the complaints against the manufacturers, companies, brands, defective products, bad services, government & public issues, domestic issues, etc. This platform pays special attention to the issues related to government as well as private sectors. With the help of this portal, affected consumer can directly share their bad experiences while other users can express their views by leaving comments along with their complaints by simply registering here.

"Bhonko" provides a wonderful podium where aggrieved customers express their anger and pain by raising their voice against the relevant entities / authorities. This platform acts as a powerful problem solver by creating an interface between the irate customers and manufacturer or brand owner. Here, the expert team of "Bhonko" focuses on finding out the best possible solution in order to free you from the unwanted mountain of worries. Indeed, it is a single key of different types of unlimited complicated locks.

Gone are those days, when we used to call to the customer care and get irritated due to their time consuming process without any fruitful result. In fact, maximum number of times our complaints used to fall on deaf ears, which again gave disappointing output to the consumers. Now, "Bhonko" has been launched for taking up your complaints forward and making sure that they get resolved within minimum time and with lesser efforts. This platform offers good days to all the irate and unhappy customers. Now, the right time has come to get relaxed and let "Bhonko" do the rest.

Just register with "Bhonko", the online consumer complaint forum in India and enjoy your life peacefully.

Action Plan of Bhonko-

  • Registration by the consumer against the corresponding entity / Government authority
  • Bhonko's team of experts will review the registered complaint
  • Bhonko will take up the complaint with the entity involved and do follow-ups till the time your complaint is resolved
  • In spite of all the efforts, if still your complaint remains unresolved, Bhonko will help you approach the consumer forum for fair resolution of the problem.
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